Growth / Advancement

Athens, 2007. The relocations of our headquarters takes place and in combination with the most advanced expertise and the new premises, our company steadily continues to evolve and raise the bar in terms of quality. Our company has managed to satisfy standards on a global level in terms of quality and safety (ISO 22000:2005), all the while long ensuring and preserving our initial identity which has been developed through the years.

Our family

Our company was founded by the patriarch of the Sotiropoulos family and is now run by its members. Throughout the years we have not only succeeded in preserving our family tradition but have managed to maintain it unaltered through the next generation. This notion has helped our company keep the same ideals and priorities unaffected during all this time. This loyalty to our family traditions has ensured the clean and pure taste our honey which is reminiscent of the Greek countryside, the sun, wind and green mountainous land …

The future

Our goal is to continually improve by constantly being updated in terms of the food world. We always remain open to any suggestions and desires to anyone who decides to trust us and work with us. Our goal is not just to provide top quality product, by respecting our consumers and the law, but essentially to keep our product’s tradition and authenticity intact for many more years to come.